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The services offered at CAB Les Artisans de l’Aide are made possible by a team of dedicated and committed volunteers. Below are all of CAB's volunteer needs.


The role of the volunteer is to accompany the beneficiary in a chosen food market, to read the labels, to help him in his choices and to transport the food to the home. The service can also be accompanied by a visit to a banking institution beforehand.

Your role is to accompany the beneficiary during his medical appointment. Care begins when the volunteer picks up the beneficiary until they return home. It is also possible for the beneficiary to be accompanied to the pharmacy, following the medical appointment. The volunteer is reimbursed for the use of their vehicle at a rate per km determined monthly by the board of directors.

Reception and referral

Telephone reception from Centre d’Action bénévole is carried out by volunteers, on a half-day schedule. The task consists of taking calls, referring calls to employees or organizations according to the specificity of the request and needs.

Help with forms

Volunteers provide assistance to beneficiaries to complete forms from municipal, provincial or federal authorities. Volunteers can perform this task at the office of the Centre d’Action bénévole or at home if the beneficiaries cannot travel.

Community dinner

Every week, at Centre d’Action bénévole, a community dinner prepared and hosted by our volunteers, to allow isolated or lonely people to go out, discuss, forge new links and thus maintain a social network. 

There are 2 categories of volunteering for this service:

Transport: pick up customers from their homes and drive them home once dinner is over. Transportation is done using the volunteer's vehicle and the volunteer is reimbursed for the use of his vehicle at a rate per km determined monthly by the board of directors.
Animation : prepare activities for the beneficiaries beforehand, welcome them on their arrival, help with the meal service and with the cleaning of the kitchen.

Meals on Wheels

Two categories of volunteering are available to you

Help with meal preparation dinner (soup, main course and dessert) with the help of the cook on site. Put in containers for delivery. The volunteers arrive around 8 a.m. to leave around 12 p.m.

Home delivery with driver and walkman. The driver uses his vehicle and is reimbursed for the use of it, according to the assigned route. The walkman is responsible for delivering the meal to the recipient's door and receiving payment, if applicable, in cash or by check in an envelope addressed to their name and by debit card (Interac) with the payment terminal (coming soon). The volunteer must have a smart cell phone. Volunteers arrive around 10:45 am and leave around 1 pm.

Phone calls and friendly visits

  • By a call: A volunteer calls him to chat and bring him some sunshine in his day.
  • By a visit: A volunteer goes to his home to keep him company, to bring him comfort.

The role of the volunteer is to provide friendly support in order to break social isolation. Friendly visits are made to the clients' homes on a weekly basis set according to an agreement between the service coordinator, the volunteer and the clientele.

The person in charge of the service makes an appropriate volunteer / beneficiary match in order to bring them together around similar interests (walking, cycling, reading, hobbies, animals, profession, etc.).

Are you interested in another clientele? We can direct you to an organization in the region that can meet your expectations.