Red alert level

Our region has gone to the red alert level.
Please note that our services are still being maintained, until further notice from the government.
We will keep you posted on developments.

Take care of yourself !

2 Sept 2020 by Josée Perrier

Carrefour 50+
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Due to the COVID19 situation, we have to postpone the fall programming. We are planning a return in January, stay tuned for developments.

14 sept by Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is back in service!
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Meals on Wheels resumed service on September 14. If you would like to receive our meal, contact us!

18 sept by Josée Perrier

General assembly
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Due to the Covid19 situation, we are obliged to postpone the general meeting.

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Richesse inestimable, les bénévoles sont au cœur de notre mission.

Volunteering is an act of exchange, an act of life and social development based on civic action, the desire to create links and based on the values ​​of gratuity and responsibility. It is influenced by the causes and the environments in which it operates and acts. Volunteers live an experience and their contribution goes beyond the task accomplished.

Développer le bénévolat contemporain, c’est assurer cette expérience et affirmer la spécificité de la contribution des bénévoles.

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