Président de la CAB Jules Thibodeau

The words that come to mind to describe the team behind our organization are hard work, availability, involvement, generosity and consistency. When it comes to the board of directors, it's been a busy year with many projects. Members were very involved and maintained sound financial management commensurate with good administration.

When we talk about the members of Carrefour 50+, there are 1,423 of them and they trust us by participating in all the activities, courses and workshops offered to them. We act directly on preventing loss of autonomy.

When it comes to the staff team, I go around a lot and find that they are reliable employees who enjoy their jobs. Their number of years with CAB is proof of this. They ensure proper functioning and continuity in the action.

Finally, when we talk about all the volunteers, we can only praise them for their involvement, their generosity and their availability. We live in a whirlwind where retirees are busier and busier and have busy schedules. They still take time to volunteer with us. Our customers are very grateful. I am very proud of the work accomplished by all those involved year after year, of their generosity towards seniors and of having chosen our organization to achieve this.

Jules Thibodeau