Aimed at elderly people suffering from loneliness, in order to bring them presence and comfort. 

How ?

  • By a call: A volunteer calls to discuss and bring some sunshine to the person's day.
  • By a visit: A volunteer goes to the home to keep him company, to bring him comfort.

The manager makes a suitable match with a volunteer who has similar interests (walking, cycling, reading, hobbies, animals, etc.).

Would you like to participate or do you know someone who would like to participate?
Contact us at 450.472.9540 poste 232 ou par email.


All requests must be sent to the CAB Les Artisans de l'Aide office in order to determine eligibility for the service, according to the following criteria:

  • Anyone with a loss of autonomy, whether elderly, sick or disabled, alone at home with little or no social contact.
  • For residents of the Deux-Montagnes MRC and south of Mirabel.
  • Anyone assessed and referred by a worker from the health and social services network and who meets the eligibility criteria.
    • Les demandes doivent nous parvenir dans des délais raisonnables afin de procéder à un jumelage : bénévole-clientèle.
    • The coordinator will follow up with clients and volunteers.
    • This service is free